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coaching that's as unique as you are

"In a world of apples and oranges, I'm a grape."

Teachers are as unique as their students. Perhaps you're working with children in a K-12 school. Or maybe you're mentoring adults at a community college or university. Maybe you train people with technology, art, or auto-mechanics, or lead workshops for your business or corporation. 

Whatever your field of play, and whatever your task, there are certain "best practices" that will help you go from 'good' to GREAT.

AND THERE'S MORE. While working with the logistics of your life and work, you have to also grapple your thoughts, feelings, and emotions ~ particularly the ones that run counter-productive circles in your head.

  • I'm not smart enough. What if I don't know the answers?
  • I'm not a very good speaker. What if people get bored?
  • How do I get my students to speak up and take more risks?
  • I'm so overwhelmed ~ Too much to do (@#$%*!!) ~ How will I ever finish ___________ (fill in the blank) while working a full- time job?!

YUP. Teaching is complicated! There are no single answers to those questions and more, because things keep changing, inside and out. 

But what if you had a ROAD MAP that guided you through all of the uncertainty that's a natural feature of the landscape for teaching?  What if, even when you have doubt or confusion or overwhelm, you had a way to consistently get you standing in confidence and clarity again? 

After 25 years in the business, I've learned the value of such a road map, and now I can offer it to you. It's easy to remember, easy to use, and FLEXIBLE enough to meet the constantly changing landscapes of your life as a mentor to others, no matter their age.


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IT'S TRUE: There isn't one adult in the photo above. But I bet you can identify the kid who's just like you ... The fun, hopeful, spunky, curious, sometimes-serious kid who's dying to come out and play as a wiser and more competent adult. To be an effective teacher or trainer, you have to keep developing who YOU are, not just what you teach.     


let's make it easy!

The 'Inner' Boost



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Are you constantly dissatisfied or frustrated with your teaching? 

Not sure how to motivate others or gain their trust? 

ALL teachers and trainers, whether new or veteran, struggle with these conundrums, and more!

GET BACK YOUR MOJO with cutting-edge coaching  that shines a light on your self-talk and underlying beliefs ~ the SOURCE of the issues that keep you from being the happy and influential teacher you're meant to be. 

 “Genét is a gifted teacher whose warm, relatable style and ability to clarify cutting-edge practices invited me into a deep exploration of the growing consciousness of heart-to-heart, undefended, and powerful, alive relating." 

~ Bobbie A.

Get back my mojo


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Sometimes, all you need is a helping hand. 

Are you crunched for time on an academic task? Planning a seminar or workshop? Writing and editing a paper, grant, or proposal? Preparing for a winning presentation?

Don't waste any more time trying to figure things out on your own. Whatever your focus, we can get you over the hump and through the finish line.

 “Having Genét arrive halfway through my dissertation journey to companion me through these complicated and confusing landscapes in which I find myself, was like being accompanied by an invaluable Sherpa to these realms."

~ Julie R.

Finish with a flourish

The 3 R's

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Go for the "kitchen sink" coaching plan that gives you high-quality, consistent support over a few months. This is the most ROBUST plan (the 4th "R") that will guide you through my specially-designed B.E.S.T. Formula.

B.E.S.T. = Brave, Effective, Self-Caring, Transformative

Get the comprehensive support you need, tailored just for you!

Weekly coaching sessions & recordings + a 

Workbook to track your personal and professional growth.

The B.E.S.T. Formula is YOUR ROAD MAP for identifying what's out of sync, so you can get back into your teaching Re-Stored, Renewed, and Re-Energized!   

time to don your cape!