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Personal & Professional Coaching

Professional coaching for teachers and trainers, confidence

You are unique in your development and deserve a coach who recognizes where you're at and what you need to move forward as a professional teacher or trainer in your industry.

I offer short- and long-term coaching plans that can restore, renew, and re-energize you through challenging transitions, big projects, or with the relationships that matter the most to you and your work.

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(R)evolutionary Courses

Hands together, diversity, skillful courses for teachers and trainers

These are extraordinary times, demanding that you continue developing your ability to handle increasing amounts of complexity. How we teach and who we teach keeps changing! 

My courses teach you to work skillfully and smartly with students & clients. Check out "Teaching with the Five Wisdom Energies" or "Mutual Awakening for Teachers & Trainers." BE EXTRAORDINARY: Become an Evolutionary Educator

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New Pedagogy for Today's Teaching

structure of relating, circle of interaction

Teaching these days requires a different kind of structure and finesse ~ not just content and technology, but with RELATIONSHIPS. To succeed as a teacher means you have to establish trust quickly, and create pathways of meaningful relating that your students or clients can engage right away.  

Thankfully, there is a new 'pedagogy of relating' that's emerging in our midst.

Welcome to the practice of Mutual Awakening! It will ROCK YOUR WORLD.     

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here's what my clients say

Genet Simone assisting workshop in Seattle, Washington 2015


 “In times of doubt, Genét has been there to reassure and remind me that I am not alone and that there is always room for change if you are brave enough to rise to the challenge. You could not ask for a more supportive and knowledgeable mentor.” ~ Chelsea Keidel 


"As a non-traditional student, returning to school to change careers later in life, it was my good fortune to find Genét Simone. Her deep understanding of the certification process and commitment to students converged into the greater cause of education and bringing about positive change in the world. I faced a lot of difficult and unforeseen challenges, but Genét’s steady hand and determined temperament guided me forward. I don’t know what I would have done without her  knowledge and constant  caring support." ~ Mona Pingree 


"Genét's intuitive nature and professional wherewithal for the human element is second to none. She models what it means to be a lifelong learner and consistently reflects upon, redefines, and refines her craft in order to inspire success in others." ~ Dr. Laura Wellington, Director of Field Experiences, Western Washington University  

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