Get expert coaching in teaching strategies for doing the "inner work" that can lead you to the powerful "outer work" of making a difference in your students' lives. Learn the Road Map for uncovering hidden beliefs and habits that could be preventing you  from becoming the strong, compassionate, and resilient teacher you want to be. 

Introducing The B.E.S.T. Formula

Teaching is About Relationships.

Teaching is About Relationships.

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You've taken tons of classes, workshops, and seminars to learn your content and craft. But the real power in teaching needs to come from inside of YOU.  

Get this first-of-a-kind training from an expert who's worked with thousands of students. Learn simple time-tested teaching strategies for inner development that makes the professional development you get every year actually work. 

The B.E.S.T. Formula(TM) is your road map for figuring out what's holding you back, so you can move forward more confidently, regardless of your teaching background or situation. 



Teaching is About Relationships.

Teaching is About Relationships.

Teaching is About Relationships.

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Working on your own “inner landscape” as a teacher will put you ahead in the game of working effectively and powerfully with others. When you learn how to intentionally develop your personal competence, you’re able to further develop social competence — which means you’ll be able to manage any learning environment with skill, poise, confidence, and resilience.   

“Genét was a valuable mentor for me, helping me set attainable goals and encouraging and challenging me to meet them. She was instrumental in helping me build my self-confidence, moving me from being overwhelmed to being a professional teacher. 

I am forever grateful for the time and effort she put into helping me become the best version of myself.” 

~ Jessica B.

About Me


My Background

I started my teaching career in 5th grade when I got the chance to teach unsuspecting classmates about the Great White Shark. Go figure.  

I just LOVE teaching--the excitement, the anticipation, the challenge, and the bazillion opportunities to help transform my students' lives. 

But I also know that teaching is filled with anxiety, feelings of inadequacy, frustration, grief, and even anger ... A continuum of emotions that can confuse  or overwhelm even the most seasoned teachers! 

I taught classes in four university teacher education programs for over 20 years. NOT ONCE was there a class for working on my own development and growth as a human being who teaches. There were no classes or supports for working through all of the emotions that come with this trade ~ The teacher's "inner life."

I have focused my entire career looking for ways to manage and direct that "inner life," and I created this coaching model so I could stay sane and STAY IN this profession I love so much. 

Is this your story too? 

If so, you're in the right place.


My Experience

After earning my Bachelor's Degree in Secondary Education (Western Washington University), I slid into my first teaching job in Shishmaref, Alaska. I taught English, Math, and cross-country skiing. ON ICE.

I learned that teaching is 5% content, 15% skills, and 100% about relationships. I know that doesn't add up quite right, but it's TRUE.

 I also learned that those relationships were only as good as the relationship I had with myself. Which wasn't great. And I knew that I could not stay in teaching until I figured it out. There was too much to learn in that first year and, without support, I left Shishmaref after only one year. 

Disheartened, I took a break from teaching for 7 years, but the "call to be a teacher" never left: I kept creeping back into tutoring, coaching sports, and teaching new hires at my workplace. 

A Master's Degree and a Doctorate later, I found the missing pieces for cultivating the kinds of relationships needed to stay strong in the teaching profession. I've been teaching since 1993, including 13 years of directing a teacher education program in Washington State. I'm now teaching high school students in "Careers in Teaching" in Seattle. 

I've come full circle and I'm keepin' on going. YOU CAN TOO.  

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How can I help?

As a teacher, I know you need help for more than just lesson plans! To relate powerfully with your students, you have to relate powerfully to yourself. FINALLY: Professional Development for the YOU who teaches. 

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