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You’re a teacher. You signed up to make a difference in people’s lives, right? Whether you work with children or adults, you want to teach them to be smart and capable, reflective, and willing to work with others to create a better world. For over 25 years, I’ve been helping teachers at all levels of the profession gain more confidence, overcome self-sabotaging habits and beliefs, and develop skills to become more resilient during times of change. Want to make a difference? Make the difference YOU. Contact me today to find out how.

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Classroom Management


I offer TWO very effective approaches to classroom management so you can cultivate positive, resilient relationships with your students and colleagues:

1) “Time To Teach!” Classroom Management training ~ Learn strategies for 1) remaining calm and ‘responding right’ when challenged; 2) teaching expectations; 3) providing adequate, fair, and timely consequences; 4) arranging the classroom for maximum performance; and 5) developing strong student-teacher relationships! Learn More …

2) “Managing Your Classroom Energetically” ~ Learn about your own energetic disposition, and how to “read” a room so you can skillfully apply the best energetic structures that help you and your students work together effectively. This is a cutting-edge, proven approach for creating and sustaining healthy relationships and a productive learning environment for any classroom or school! Learn more …

Differentiated Instruction


Learn simple, yet profound, strategies to help you gain more confidence, overcome self-sabotaging habits and beliefs, and work through conditions that can make it hard for you to stay in the profession you love. This is professional development for the YOU who teaches, whether you are in a K-12 school, college, or university. When you’re at your B.E.S.T., your students can be too! Be Brave. Effective. Self-Caring. Transformative. Learn more…

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I am pleased to offer FREE Shipping in the Continental USA on all of my products sold online and by phone. I want to help you get the materials that will make you go from ‘good’ to GREAT!  Learn More…

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Your circumstances are unique to you and your school. If you had just one kind of training, or one kind of personalized coaching, you’re in the right place. My training will help you gain more confidence as a teacher, decrease discipline challenges, and improve classroom rapport.

When your learning environment is humming along, your students can focus better, which leads to more learning and accomplishments with assessments. Isn’t it time? Learn how to meet students where they are and lead them where they need to be, capture attention, and promote deeper learning. Learn More…

Want to make a difference?

Make the difference YOU.