What the B.E.S.T. Coaching Looks Like


What's the Issue?

Teachers show up with all kinds of stressful situations that they need help working through:

  • Struggling with the same management problems
  • Feelings of inadequacy around certain students, parents, or colleagues
  • Confusion about how to teach, and getting hung-up on the same parts of a lesson
  • Never feeling like there's an end to worrying about certain students

The list goes on! And it's as unique as your own life path, and where you are in your own development.

Initial Consultation

  • 30 minutes online (via Zoom)
  • You'll have time to explain your teaching situation, what you're challenged by, how you may feel stuck or confused.
  • You'll learn what coaching can look like and we'll make a plan if you decide it's right for you! 

Coaching Sessions

  • 4 hours of coaching (30- or 60-minute sessions, you decide)
  • You'll receive a workbook to track your progress
  • Session #1: We'll use the B.E.S.T. Road Map "tool" to plot your coordinates in relation to the 4 quadrants of the B.E.S.T. Formula (Brave, Effective, Self-Caring, Transformative), and make a plan for where to focus first!
  • Subsequent sessions will include readjusting your focus  or reinforcing strategies that are working for you.
  • After you receive 4 hours of coaching, you'll decide if you feel stable and ready to work on your own.
  • Sign up for additional sessions any time!


Working in Groups

Research shows that working through difficult situations with others who are all supporting each other leads to a much higher success rate than going it alone!

  • Bring along a colleague or a team of coworkers on this transformational journey.
  • Each person in the group receives a private consultation (Session 1).
  • Each person receives a workbook to track progress.
  • Subsequent sessions are with the whole group.

B.E.S.T. Explained