The 'Inner' Boost


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Quickly identify the self-talk and not-so-helpful beliefs that keep you from becoming the powerful person you're meant to be. Experience the impact of Mutual Awakening™ or get a Video Consultation of your teaching. (Boosts are 3 sessions @ 1 hour each)  



Logistics! Planning, Writing, Editing, Presenting


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Get 3 sessions of serious support for editing your writing, planning a short-term project, preparing a presentation or research proposal, etc. Sessions are 1 hour long and can be used in any configuration. Contact me to discuss what you need!



The 3 R's: Restore, Renew, Re-Energize


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Before purchase, contact me for an appointment to discuss what you're looking for! We'll make a plan to bring you consistent support over 3-4 months to work your way through a large project. We'll use my specially-designed B.E.S.T. formula to navigate what you want to do, and get you where your Life wants and needs you to go.


unique & practical courses

From Confusion to Clarity: 5 Key Principles for Energizing & Managing Groups (Part 1)


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Learn a simple, yet powerful approach for creatively managing groups or teams ~ one you'll use for the rest of your career! Course runs 6 weeks, via Zoom video conferencing. Special discounting for small or large groups. Contact me for details. (Prerequisite for course below.) 


From Confusion to Clarity: Practical Application (Part 2)


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Really 'bring it home' by applying what you learned in "From Confusion to Clarity, Part 1, to your current teaching situation. (This course should be taken within 2 weeks of completing .)


Be the Change Through Mutual Awakening


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Learn an essential, VERY EFFECTIVE practice called Mutual Awakening(TM) with your group or team, based on the principles in Patricia Albere's best-selling book, or focus on just one or a few. Visit the Courses page for dates and locations. SEE LINK BELOW TO RECEIVE THE FIRST 3 CHAPTERS, FREE.

(R)evolutionary teaching


Get the first 3 chapters FREE!

Gain access to the brilliant practice of Mutual Awakening(TM) and 8 Activating Principles that create purposeful relationships. This is ESSENTIAL reading for teachers and trainers everywhere!

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The Principles are: Engagement, Commitment, Truth, Trust, Openness, Essential Uniqueness, Mutual Influence, and Contact.


REMEMBER: You CAN make a difference in people's lives. But you have to start with YOU.