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Okay, I hear you saying ...

“I don’t have time for another course!” 

GOT IT. But these aren’t typical courses. You can get basic run-of-the-mill professional development anywhere. What makes my courses unique is:

  • They emphasize your own personal development as an adult who is constantly being impacted and challenged in more complex ways every day.

  • They’re (r)evolutionary ~ “on the leading edge” of where professional development needs to be for educators to take their rightful place in “making a difference” by creating a world that is more equitable and empowering for everyone.

Take a course by yourself or gather a group of colleagues to take a course or workshop together. 


  • K-12 Teacher
  • Principal
  • Higher Ed Faculty
  • HR Manager 
  • Healing Arts Instructor
  • Trainer or Coach

Wherever you teach, whatever you teach, whomever you teach ... Whether new to teaching or a seasoned veteran, these courses will LIGHT THE FIRE IN YOU!  

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"BE THE CHANGE" through Mutual Awakening

We always hear that we should "Be the change we wish to see," or "Teachers can make a difference ..." BUT HOW DO YOU ACTUALLY DO THAT?

Thankfully, there is a simple, yet very profound, new pedagogy emerging ~ a practice called Mutual Awakening(TM), and it's now available for you to learn in this 4-Module Course: Mutual Awakening: The Essential Guide to We-Space Meditation

Mutual = Together

Awakening = Coming into existence, awareness

When you awaken to something, you become more aware of its qualities and potential.  As a teacher or trainer, these are the moments you experience as "the gold" in your work ~ when you see your students or clients "getting it."

Those golden moments are when you know you're making a difference in people's lives. You feel more energized and capable. You've awakening to the belief that you'll be able to "hang in there," even when you're having a really crappy day.

But you're mostly alone in those moments. Your excitement can quickly get covered up again by others who are having a bummer of a day or by the dozens of tasks still waiting your attention. Doubt creeps in. You lose momentum.


  • You learn how to TAP INTO THE WONDER OF BEING A TEACHER with the presence of another person who is open and committed to your experience together. 
  • You build a stronger capacity to trust in yourself over longer periods of time, and gain insights about where you get stuck or confused about what you're doing.
  • You move past the ego structures that trap you in old and ineffective belief systems and habits that no longer serve who you are and who you are becoming.

What you'll learn in this course

  • You'll learn the foundational steps in Mutual Awakening Practice in a safe and structured environment. It's intriguing, profound, and fun! 
  • You'll learn about the origins of the practice, the science behind it, and its historical significance in these times. (Hint: This is NOT a technique.)
  • You'll begin to experience how the practice can positively influence your life as a teacher or trainer. 

We will cover all of Part One of "Evolutionary Relationships: Unleashing the Power of Mutual Awakening" in 4 Modules

  • Module 1: Introduction to We-Space and Mutual Awakening
  • Module 2: Scientific and Historical Context for Inter-Connectivity
  • Module 3: Origin of the Mutual Awakening Practice & Invitation to the Evolutionary Collective Global Community
  • Module 4: Optimizing Your Mutual Awakening practice

Contact me to arrange training for yourself or a group of teachers!



Teaching with the 8 Activating Principles of Mutual Awakening

This course will be tailored to your particular teaching situation!

You can do it on your own or in a group, and choose 1, 2, or more of the Activating Principles that make it possible to enter into the kinds of empowering relationships you want and need to have as a teacher.

The 8 Activating Principles for Evolutionary Relationships are: 

* Engagement

* Commitment

* Truth

* Trust

* Openness

* Essential Uniqueness

* Mutual Influence

* Contact

IMAGINE having the skill to:

  • Increase the level of ENGAGEMENT you have with your students or clients;
  • Cultivate a more consistent level of COMMITMENT from the people you work with;
  • Establish a foundation of TRUST where your students or clients can really go for it with their learning;
  • Help your students or clients bring out more of their own UNIQUENESS as they interact with each other;
  • ... and more!

Contact me to arrange a short practice session or to discuss the best course configuration for your group. 


Mutual Awakening(TM) is the practice for our times, showing us the way to develop ourselves as teachers, learning how to become more authentic and empowering in all we do ... TOGETHER.     


every teacher should have this ...


About Patricia Albere's best-selling book ...

"Those of us on a spiritual path speak of Oneness as the goal for humanity, yet few offer an actual pedagogy for how we might get there. This is where Patricia comes in." 

~ Katherine Woodward Thomas, New York Time Best Selling Author of Conscious Uncoupling; 5 Steps to Living Happily Ever After 

                                                  *           *          *

"In every age there are a few great ones who open the doors of insight, potential, creativity, and joy ~ new arenas of what is possible. Patricia Albere is one of these people. In the same way personal computer and smartphones opened vast new realms, Patricia's work reveals new forms of relating. I predict this book will change the course of human evolution."  

~ Martin Rutte, co-author of Chicken Soup for the Soul at Work




From Confusion to Clarity: Five Key Principles for Energizing & Creatively Managing Groups (Parts 1 & 2)

What's the NUMBER ONE THING  teachers want more help with? You guessed it: How to manage it all!  

In K-12 settings, we call it 'classroom management' ~ With adults, we call it 'crowd control'! But in all cases, we're grappling with efficient management of materials, time, space, and people.

Millions of dollars and too much time, energy, and resources are wasted on management programs that don’t work for everyone and don't bend with your ever-changing reality. The result is confusion, frustration, burnout, and a lack of enforcement when programs keep changing or there's turnover with staff or leadership.

Stop the endless cycle of chasing after the newest fad in classroom management and crowd control. What you learn in these courses will transfer to any group you ever work with for the rest of your career. 


Course Duration: 6-weeks (one session per week).

  • Quickly become adept with the framework of the five major Energy Structures  ~ their “wise” versus “neurotic/confused” qualities. 
  • Learn how your own particular energy structure influences your life and experiences as a teacher or trainer.
  • Start practicing with shifting energetic structures in your life and teaching.
  • Workbook provided. 
  • Text used: The Five Wisdom Energies (by Irini Rockwell), sold separately.
  • NOTE: Successful completion of Part 1 is required for enrollment in Part 2.

From Confusion to Clarity, Part 2

 Course Duration: 6-weeks (one session per week).

  • Apply the principles and strategies you started learning in Part 1 to your real-life teaching or training situations.  
  • Get regular coaching sessions that will quickly move you from novice to expert with harnessing the swirl of energies in your environment, so you can create spaces that are effective and positive for your students/clients.
  • BONUS! If you teach or train the same group of students or clients on a regular basis, you can add additional sessions to get guidance and support for teaching THEM this framework, so they can help you and each other with building a healthy, happy, and intentional learning community.


“I have one boy in my preschool class who is hard to reach. I was at a loss, because I felt no emotion from him. Through the Wisdom Energies training, I realized that my natural energetic way of being more feeling-based and emotional was actually making him pull back and shut down. I was able to shift my energy to being more open and spacious, so he grew more comfortable with me. Now, we have a relationship to work with.”  ~ Sharon L. 

What people say ...

"Genét shares the practice with great skill, knowledge, inspiration, passion and clear intent. I feel safe, cared for, held and lovingly directed. I love the space she creates, as it feels complete and connected to something far beyond what my mind can even comprehend. I feel transported back home to Truth when I am in her classes. I am deeply grateful to have met Genét.” ~ Meisha B.